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Archive for August, 2011

Mark Beaumont Gets Off His Bike And On To A Tank

Mark Beaumont replaces his bike for a tank with the help of  TDS.

mark b 2

Mark arrived at Tank Driving Scotland complete with troops. Fortunately the weather held off and sunshine all round was the order of the day.

The squad of guys got into the spirit of the day and donned the outfits with specially prepared make up (cause they’re worth it!) and took control of one of our fantastic machines which was then followed by a half day of action packed paintball including being dropped off into battle by tank.

mark b

Mark and the guys loved their day so much with us that they have given Tank Driving Scotland the seal of approval, a rematch may well be on the cards!

Abbott Self Propelled Gun

                                               abbott painted

After a Couple of weeks in the workshop the Abbot Spg has been stripped of all the old moldy paint with an air chisel as in some places the paint was about 5mm thick!

The then naked machine was given a couple of thick coats of read oxide primer before the final decision of it’s end coulor,

                                                   abbott outside 

Desert sand was the first choice and after a couple of coats the Abbott was looking on top form, all the additional parts were detailed in black to make the Spg look like a mean machine.

                                                    abbott dog

Now the hard bit! We have an engine pack that is missing some parts & some vital wiring is missing from the vehicle , Not to good but we are sourcing the parts to get the vehicle operational in the near future,

If you have any Abbott Spare parts lying about please feel free to get in touch

Arrival of Tracked Rapier Missile Launch Platform

Tank Driving Scotland has been lucky enough to bring on board to it’s collection of vehicles a BAe Tracked Rapier Missile Launch platform.

rapier mound

This vehicle is a ground to air, radar guided missile launch and only a limited number of these still  exist in the UK.

This is a fantastic machine to drive with easy access for drivers as entry is through a car style door rather than climbing down a hatch into the drivers seat.

The vehicle is ready for service and will be available shortly as a driving experience.