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Archive for November, 2021

The perfect vehicle for this guy?!

Do you know it is perfectly legal to own a tank?

It may not be the most appropriate form of transport. But they are the ideal vehicles for some.

Probably, the most famous person will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Do you know any other tank owners?

Win a Tank Driving experience worth £150

Christmas is fast approaching and we are preparing for the busy festive period.

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Saturday 6th November

Despite the atrocious weather we managed to get most of our tank drives done.

We had a range of customers from the very young (10 years old) to the enthusiast with years of experience in military machines.

Tank driving is fun and certainly unique. We are keen to look after the machines and encourage customers to get a hands-on experience they will always remember.

With Christmas rapidly approaching we are extending the range of experiences available. Vouchers can be purchased online and are immediately dispatched electronically. If you want to give that special somebody a real treat this Christmas have a look at our shop.

The weather for tomorrow is looking just as windy but should be dry.