New Recruit Experience (beginner)

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The New Recruit experience is a grouped activity allowing you to experience the thrill of driving a real 15-tonne army tank! The rest of the troops will take turns in the crew and commanders’ compartments, so you will have to negotiate the obstacles on the course with consideration (only a little)!
Geared up in an army kit, you will first have the opportunity to experience traveling in the hull with your troops. We do have seats, but not much else in there. Our tanks are ex-military and have all seen active service – you will see the bullet holes for yourself! This gives you a chance to see what real soldiers encounter, and all you have to worry about is telling your friends what a great time you had!
You will also act as commander during the experience, riding out of the hatch directly behind the driver.
We will also drop you off at the observation bunker, where you will have a great opportunity to take some shots at your comrades (Photographic or video of course)!

The group will be a maximum of 8 individual recruits, who will all have the opportunity to drive. You will be with us for around an hour and a half. New Recruit experiences run on set days each month.
The New Recruit Experience is a fantastic outing.  It makes for a great gift, or we won’t judge if you treat yourself to some excitement.
(BUY NOW and receive a ‘FREE VOUCHER’ for 2 people to experience a half day of PAINTBALL inclusive of 6 games and 200 paintballs! –

( Please note that ‘New Recruits’ must be aged 17 or over. Otherwise you can come on one of our one-to-one experiences such as the ‘Major General’ )






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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive a real army tank??  Wonder no more!  Grouped with our other ‘New Recruit’s you can take to the helm of a 432 13 ton Apc and have some mud churning action.

  • –Kit up in camouflage outfit
  • — Driving controls & safety briefing
  • — Drive tank track on the flat followed by mounds
  • — Course includes Beginners track & training mounds
  • — Grouped with up to 5 other drivers
  • — Drive time approx 10 min
  • — Ride time approx 50 min
  • — Take turns at being commander & driver or crew.
  • Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Published: September 27th, 2021  

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